sizes: 40x60,80x120,100x150,60x100+60x50

  Mat for bathroom "SHAHINTEX". Made of 100% polyester (microfiber). This material is firm, does't fade and dries quickly.
  Height of the pile  is 3; 1.5 cm
  Mat have latex base, due to which non-slip on the floor coverings of the bathroom, ensuring your safety.
  The edges of the mat treated owerlock that provides long operation and prevent shedding.
Machine-washable is permitted for  mat "SHAHINTEX". Mat maintains its brightness and color for a long time, subject to the care instructions.
Mat "SHAHINTEX" produced by special technology of machine and hand tufting, which ensures a high level of quality and durability
Mat "SHAHINTEX" made from environmentally clean materials, has a high degree of hygiene and does not cause allergic reactions.
Mat may be used in bathrooms with heated floors.